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Young woman regains use of her right hand with reconstructive hand surgery

Katylyn is a 19-year-old female who was involved in a car accident which resulted in the traumatic amputation of her left index finger. She also had numerous glass shards in her hand. She had emergency surgery which left her with an unsightly index finger amputation stump. After discussion with the patient and her family members, Dr. Lechner agreed to perform a ray resection amputation of her left index finger to improve the function of her hand and improve the appearance. She has now healed and is back to full activities without any problems. She has commented that her friends hardly notice her hand unless they “count fingers”. She’s been released back into her life and should have no further problems. She is happy to share her story and her good outcome. This is the video record of her final office visit Katylyn shares to encourage others with hand deformities.

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