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Locally Owned & Operated
A Fellowship Of Trained Specialists

Providing excellence in orthopedic care in Asheville & Western NC for over 40 years

Our Philosophy

The guiding philosophy at Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine is one of total well-being.

Because our doctors themselves enjoy being active, they understand firsthand that moving with ease and having total mobility is important for living a healthy and happy life.

Helping Each & Every Patient

The doctors at Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine strive to help each and every patient lead a healthy life, allowing them to do the things that they love to do with the people that they hold dear. Moving with ease leads to feeling healthy physically as well as mentally, leading to a rich and vibrant life in more ways than one.

Enjoying What We Do

Whether it’s fishing with the grandchildren, competing in your favorite sport, playing a round of golf with friends, or even just going for a walk…the caring doctors at Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine take immense pleasure in seeing their patients return to the activities that they love.

Knowledgeable & Experienced

Since our practice opened 40 years ago, we have enjoyed helping many people return to optimal health and mobility. Our doctors are knowledgeable and experienced and they make it a priority to stay current with the most recent advances in their fields of specialization so that they can bring those advances to their patients.

How We've Helped Our Patients

A small list of the ways in which we’ve helped patients:

  • Outpatient shoulder replacement.
  • Reattaching a hand.
  • First to offer Xiaflex® in North Carolina.
"Eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously."
Jean-Pierre Barral