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Expertise you can trust to get you back in the game.

Sports medicine is typically thought to include only care of young school-age athletes. In fact, active patients of all ages find physical impediments to their chosen activities. Whether a high school football player with an ACL tear or a retired tennis player with a rotator cuff tear, these patients can benefit from the latest arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques available at Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine. We offer treatment of both upper and lower extremity injuries. While the majority of these take place in the shoulder, elbow, and knee, we also treat other athletic-related injuries in the leg.

Our board-certified physicians and PAs understand the athlete’s mindset.

We know how important it is to you to maintain a level of fitness and get back to the sports you enjoy. Our goal is to return both athletes and non-athletes to their previous level of activity in a safe and efficient manner.

Dr. West assisted in the development of Mission Sports Medicine, a collaboration of Asheville sports medicine physicians who are solidifying the substantial resources of Mission Hospital to deliver the best possible care to organized sports throughout Western North Carolina.

Common Sports Injury Conditions:
  • Swelling – is often one of the first things noticed after acute sports injuries.
  • Sprains and Strains – probably the most common orthopedic injuries. Sprains are injuries to ligaments. Ligaments are the primary connective tissue that attaches bones to other bones. Strains are injuries to muscles and tendons. Muscles are contractile tissues that help to produce movement in the body. Tendons are connective tissues that attach muscles to bones.
  • Tendonitis – is an inflammation or irritation of the tendon or the connection of the tendon to the bone. It is usually caused by overuse or repetitive activities.
  • Bursitis – is an inflammation of the bursa, usually associated with overuse and specific regions of the body
  • Bone Fractures – also known as “broken bone”, are different types of fractures include stress, salter- harris, comminuted and spiral.
Common Sports Injuries by Body Sites:
  • Ankle/Foot Injuries – constitute the most common types of injuries in sports participation to include Achilles tendon, strains, and sprains.
  • Knee Injuries – includes patellar tendonitis/tendonitis, meniscus and ligament tears.
  • Hip Injuries – includes tendon strains, bursitis, and tendonitis.
  • Shoulder Injuries – are very common in sports involving throwing or other overhead motions involving rotator cuff injuries, labral tears, and shoulder dislocation.
  • Elbow Injuries – includes tennis elbow and ligament injuries.
  • Hand and Wrist Injury – most common injuries include tendonitis, fractures, and sprains.

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