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Collarbone Fractures

Breaking The Collarbone

Summer is a great time for children and adults to be active. That is why sports injuries are common during the summer. The clavicle, which is also known as the collarbone, is one of the bones that is fractured most often. The injury may occur as the result of falling directly on the shoulder. People may also fracture their clavicle if they attempt to catch themselves while they are falling.

Breaking the clavicle can be quite painful. The clavicle is located next to the blood vessels, lungs, and important nerves. That is why a broken clavicle can cause arm numbness and shortness of breath and most people will go to the emergency room right after they break their clavicle.

How To Treat A Broken Clavicle

Health experts disagree about the proper way to treat a broken clavicle. In most cases, a broken clavicle is treated without surgery. Clavicle fractures usually heal on their own. However, it is estimated that five to 10 percent of clavicle fractures do not heal properly.

Severe clavicle fractures require surgery. Surgery typically requires the placement of screws and a plate, which will help the clavicle heal. However, experts disagree whether children should be treated in the same way that adults are treated. Researchers are hoping that they will be able to find the best way to treat clavicle fractures in both children and adults.

There is a study currently being conducted on athletes at Washington University. The athletes are between the ages of 10 and 18. The study will track the success rate of various treatments. This will help the physician determine which treatment plan is the best. The good news is that this study likely will be completed within the next few years.

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