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Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine

5 Reasons You Keep Getting Injured (And What to Do to Reduce Sports Injury Risk)

I’m cool with sitting on the bench in a cast all season. Said no athlete, ever. Sometimes injury is unavoidable, thanks to the perfect combination of circumstances or an opposing player’s blunders. But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.…
Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine

Knee Injuries

Did you know that there are four main ligaments in your knees that can be at risk for injury? Since the knee joint lacks any interlocking bones, it depends completely on these strong, fibrous connectors to stabilize the knee and…
Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine

Treating Sports Injuries

The Prevalence Of Sports Injuries Even if one is a well-trained athlete, he or she can still suffer an injury. Fortunately, the vast majority of injuries are mild and easily treatable and preventable. Warming up and stretching regularly will significantly…

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