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Dr. Jesse L. West Reviews

See what real patients have to say about their experience with Dr. West

“Having just moved from Virginia, I asked friends and healthcare professionals who they recommended to repair a messed up rotator cuff. Everyone told me to go to Dr. West. Three physical Therapist told me that if I wanted good results, quick recovery time, limited pain and minimal surgical scars to go to Dr. West. The surgery was a breeze and I cant find my scars. I had minimal pain including therapy and was to 100% range of motion within 10 weeks. I was well informed of the process. Great” —Real Patient

“Intelligent and skilled doctor with solid educational background. Dr. West has repaired 3 ACL tears (hamstring ACL reconstruction) and another meniscus tear surgery for two of my sons who keep playing rough! They each say the knee Dr. West has worked on is now stronger than ever, but I am not encouraging the last uninjured knee between them to be ruptured so Dr. West can rebuild it better than before!” —Real Patient

“Doc fixed my shoulder and got me back to paddling. Highly recommended.” —Real Patient

“He fixed my shoulder and got me back to work. Great guy. Excellent surgeon.” —Real Patient

“Dr. West fixed a tear in my shoulder that another shoulder surgeon said couldn’t be fixed. I’m now back to work with no pain and excellent strength. I’ve already sent several co-workers to Dr. West and he’s helped them too, some only needed an injection. Stop researching and make an appt with Dr. West.” —Real Patient

“Dr. West fixed my shoulder problem and got me back to golf. I highly recommend him.” —Real Patient

“Dr. West did an out standing surgeries on both of my shoulders. I could no have asked for better results or less pain.” —Real Patient

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