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Dr. James S. Thompson Reviews

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“I have been seeing Dr. Thompson on and off for several years now. For my hand, wrist and shoulder. He is an excellent doctor and compassionate as well. He offers great service and does not suggest surgery unless it is really needed. I would recommend him for anyone needing the service of this type of doctor.” —Real Patient

“I would like to recommend Dr. James S. Thompson, MD FASC, of Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine in Asheville, an excellent surgeon. When I needed rotary cuff surgery on my left shoulder in August of 2012, I did a lot of research to find the best surgeon in both the Piedmont and Western North Carolina areas. I made a wise choice because Dr. Thompson explained the problem I had with my shoulder in terms that I could easily understand and guided me through my healing process. I had great results and recovered fully. Now my left shoulder is pain-free, and I regained full range of motion. On December 24, 2014, I tripped and fell over a hidden barbed wire while walking in the woods, and once again required the expert services of Dr. Thompson for my right shoulder. Following this rotary cuff surgery, I am currently healing well with his guidance and expert hand.” —Real Patient

“I slipped and fell on my wrist, shattering it and fracturing the radius and ulna as well. The ER sent me to Dr Thompson. He was very straightforward; after looking at the X-rays and commenting on how well the arm/wrist had been set, he deemed no further action was required at the time. I saw him a couple more times as healing progressed. He was very patient about answering my questions, and reassuring about the final outcome (yes, I’d be able to play the piano again). Office staff were great about making appointments and handling the insurance. His “bedside manner” can be a bit off-putting–he can be abrupt and impersonal–but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic care.” —Real Patient

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